How is it that you can get me TO THE TRADE products?
We are designers and we can purchase from virtually any TO THE TRADE manufacturer.

Can I return my purchase if I dont like it or change my mind? 
The products we can buy for you from TO THE TRADE manufacturers are made to order for you, so they can not be cancelled, returned or exchanged.  This differs from retail furniture, textiles, lighting and outdoor products.

How much will it cost me in shipping charges?
In order to quote you the shipping costs, we need to know where you want your order shipped to. The amount will be included in the quote we send to you after you have completed a Get A Quote form.

How do I shop on your site?
As we are a purchasing service, you must locate the items
you are interested in by going to the Manufacturers page of our site and using the provided links. Search through the various manufacturer's sites. We have provided categories and a style code next to each Manufacturer Name link to help you narrow down your search.  Feel free to email us questions that may help you in your search.

The TO THE TRADE products seem more expensive than retail home furnishings. Why is that?
TO THE TRADE products are made of a higher quality than most retail products, many of which are made in large batches and imported from overseas. Construction, finish and design all factor into the end cost for higher quality products.

What if I want to go an see a product before I buy it at a showroom?
We can provide you with a letter of introduction so you can gain access to most Design Centers and Showrooms.
Most manufacturers have a showroom or representing showroom in most major US cities, but not every manufacturer shows every product in each showroom location.

Why can't I buy while I'm at a showroom?
Showrooms policies are that they will only sell and quote prices to a qualified purchaser such as an interior designer.  Depending on the individual showroom, they should be able to provide information sheets or other literature and product specifications on the items you are interested in such as finish options, etc. 

How long does it take for the items I order to be shipped?
The production time varies depending on the manufacturer, items ordered, if you must provide a fabric or leather to complete your item. Production times can vary anywhere from 5-20 weeks. When we provide you a written quote, we will give you an estimated production time for the items you have requested based on information provided by the Manufacturer
at the time we provide you with a quote.

What if my item arrived with freight damage?
When the shipper picks up your items from the manufacturer, the title passes from the manufacturer to you. The receiving party must note any freight damage on the shippers bill of lading at the time of delivery.  You must then immediately file a claim with the shipper. In most cases the shipper will repair the damage if minor or pick up the item from your receiver and return it to the manufacturer for repair or replacement.